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Xiaoda Fruit Vegetable Purifier

Xiaoda Fruit Vegetable Purifier

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Did you know that some dirt and chemicals can still linger on the surface of your fruits and vegetables even after you gave them a hand wash? Do you worry about the safety and health of your family when preparing meals with unclean produce?
Our vegetable purifier uses advanced electrolysis technology to clean your fruits and vegetables of all dirt, chemicals and harmful bacteria.
Not only does our purifier provide a healthier and safer option to your family , but it also helps preserve flavor and nutritional value of your products.
Simply fill in your basin or a bowl with water along with your products and turn on the machine. In just minutes you'll have clean and healthy fruits and vegetables ready to use in your favorite dishes.



1. Applicable water temperature: 5-35 degrees Celsius
2. Charging voltage: 5V
3. Battery capacity: 4400 mA
4. Waterproof rating: IPX7
5. Size: Diameter 100x50 mm
6. Charging time: about 5 hours
7. Life time: 35 times per full battery charge
8. Fill the washing container with tap water, place the fruit and vegetable washing machine horizontally in the washing container, and press the power button.
9. The removal rate of pesticide residues is 94.8%, and the sterilization rate is 99.99%
10. Principle: Electrolytic ion purification can effectively degrade harmful substances in food materials
11. Magnetic charging, no need to plug and unplug, long use
12. Small design, portable and ready to us

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