About Us

Who are we? Ki senla Gadgetspace?

GadgetSpace is a newly incorporated startup company. We are here to serve the Mauritian economy with the best smart technologies on the market. 

Kifer Gadgetspace?

Dad always said that the sun rises each day for each and everyone. So each day is a good reason to try something good.

Kifer Online?

We retail online to save cost and an online store is way more efficient as:

  1. Customers can shop with us from anywhere
  2. Our delivery service is subcontracted to an efficient and well coordinated delivery business

Couma pou koner si Gadgetspace Legit et pas 1 arnak?

We are fully registered and an incorporated business. Please consult the official registry of the Government of Mauritius from the Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD).

We also have several well known business service providers:

  1. Blink by Emtel
  2. MCB Juice
  3. POP by Bank One
  4. Peach Payment & MCB Merchant (for online card transaction)
  5. SME registered with SME Mauritius Ltd
  6. Certified Dealer by ICTA