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Wireless Charger 30W

Wireless Charger 30W

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1. High power fully integrated wireless charging chip, a chip integrated with all wireless charging function blocks, more compact size, power to further enhance, up to 30W, to bring more efficient and convenient wireless charging experience
2. 30W wireless fast charging, intelligent device identification, matching safe current. With intelligent detection circuit, free to charge as you go, convenient, fast and efficient
3. Direct charging without removing the phone case, efficient and convenient (within 3mm thickness of the phone case and no metal foreign objects)
4. Smart compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices, cell phones, TWS headphones, wireless charging of more devices easily
5. Independent air duct design, built-in cooling fan, stronger heat dissipation, less sound, more enjoyable use experience
6. Simple and lightweight design, can be easily put into the pocket, travel, carry no burden
7. Exquisite cloth woven on the surface layer, to protect the charged device, while playing a better breathable effect
8. Bottom silicone anti-slip material, charging equipment is not easy to slide
9. Intelligent identification of keys, coins and other metal foreign objects, automatic power off and flashing light prompt
10. With multiple safety protection mechanisms, comprehensive protection of charging safety, more peace of mind for daily use, overvoltage / overtemperature / overcurrent / undervoltage / static protection
11. Input: 5-20V 3.25A
12. Output: 30W
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