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SOTHING Shoe Dryers Deodorizer

SOTHING Shoe Dryers Deodorizer

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It’s the end of soggy, smelly shoes after rainy days or intense workouts. Now your costly Adidas and Nike shoes can come out of closet.

Our shoe dryer is designed to dry all types of footwear quickly and efficiently, from athletic shoes to work boots. Yes, even your work boots those safety shoes that sometimes goes as smelly as hell can turn out to look and smell fresh again.

With its powerful yet gentle heating system, your shoes will dry and ready to wear in no time. Sweaty feet or soggy can harbor bacteria and fungi in your footwear, leading to unpleasant odors and even structural damage over time. By drying your shoes thoroughly after each wear, you can help prevent these issues and keep your shoes looking and smelling fresh.

Investing in a shoe dryer is a smart choice for anyone who wants to protect their footwear and keep it in top condition. Don’t let damp shoes ruin your day – order your shoe dryer today and enjoy dry, comfortable feet all year around.

Product Description:

1. Antibacterial and dehumidifying: PTC heating element, constant temperature of 70 degrees Celsius throughout the work, keeping shoes fresh and dry
2. The round shape of the porous track: suitable for a variety of shoe types, the porous structure is conducive to uniform heating
3. Fire and flame retardant: ABS UL94 V0 level fire and flame retardant shell
4. Three-step timing: 3/6/9 hours of three-step timing drying, pampering shoes of different materials
5. Input voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz
6. Product power: 20W

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