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Shoulder Neck Cervical Massager

Shoulder Neck Cervical Massager

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Product material: PC and silicone
Product net weight: 160g
Product gross weight: 430g
Product size: 13.8x14.2cm
Color box size: 193x175x63mm
Color: white, pink, blue
Battery: polymer battery
Battery capacity: 900 mAh
Input standard: DC/5V DC
Maximum power: 5W
Accessories: color box, manual, USB cable, remote control

1. Promote blood circulation, can relieve cervical soreness, heat treatment at 42 degrees Celsius, relax blood vessels and relax bones.
2. 3 kinds of massage mode, 15 speed adjustment, to meet your different massage needs, intelligent simulation artificial massage techniques.
3. By default, the power is automatically turned off after 15 minutes, which is safer and more secure.

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