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GPS Wallet/Keyfinder

GPS Wallet/Keyfinder

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1. Your anti-lost, when the mobile phone and anti-lost device exceed the default effective distance, two-way automatic alarm, search the owner to prevent loss (used in, old people, children, pets, etc.)
2. Looking for things in both directions, the phone forgot to take it? At the same time, press the two anti-lost devices, the mobile phone alarm, what is the wallet forgotten? Press the call in the mobile app, the anti-lost device alarm, and retrieve it along the way.
3. Remote self-timer, easy to control the phone remote (maximum 10 meters) to take pictures.
4. Position tracking, you can view the current position of the object on the mobile phone, and you can find the last stop position after disconnection.
5. Multi-tasking management, a mobile phone, can manage 6 anti-lost devices at the same time.


1. Communication protocol: Bluetooth V4.0+EDR
2. Working distance: less than 25 barrier-free
3.APP software: Android system in mobile phone Baidu assistant download, Apple download in Apple Store
4. Battery efficiency: CR2032 button battery.
5.APP voice: support English, Chinese, Spanish,
7. Compatible system: (Apple IOS11 or above / Android 6 or above at the same time Bluetooth 4.0

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