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GameSir X2 Professional Gaming Wired Gamepad

GameSir X2 Professional Gaming Wired Gamepad

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1. Material: ABS+PC
2. USB interface: Type-C-USB
3. Support agreement: Android HID-Gamepad
4. Work platform: Android, cloud games, Tencent Game Manager, EGG NS simulator (EGG NS simulator only supports Qualcomm 855 and above high-performance mobile phones)
5. Two-stage stretch structure, stable without shaking
6. Professional 3D joystick, flexible rotation and delicate control
7. The shoulder button adopts gaming grade micro switch, with a life span of 3 million times
8. The Type-C female port on the outside of the handle supports fast charging of mobile phones, which can charge the handle without any accessories
9. A special screenshot button is set on the left side of the handle, which is easy to use
10. Suspended design on both sides, effective heat dissipation
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