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Alarm Clock Mobile Phone Wireless Charger

Alarm Clock Mobile Phone Wireless Charger

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1. 15W high power wireless fast charging, built-in fast charging chip, compatible with iOS and Android systems.
2. Put it down to charge, pick it up to answer the phone, technology to light up a convenient life, lazy people design to enjoy every day.
3. Stable charging without harming the machine, upgrade charging and discharging, faster and more stable, keep the battery stable and smooth charging.
4. USB + Type-C charging interface on the back, in the non-wireless charging state, devices that support the adapter interface can be charged.
5. The high-definition LED display creates a full-view visual effect with a large digital display of time, date and day of the week. You can see what the time is at a glance.
6. Built-in 2 sets of alarm clocks to display the room temperature

1. Material: ABS
2. Size: about 14.8x18.9xcm/5.8x7.4x2in
3. Type-C input: 9V/2A
4. Type-C output: 5V/3A
5. USB-A output: 5V/3A(MAX)
6. Wireless output: 15W
7. Charging current: 1600 (mA)
8. Total power: 30W (MAX)
9. Coil: single coil, multiple protection (circuit board protection/overcharge protection/over-discharge protection) foreign object detection

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